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Will Carl Gustaf Please Come To The Counter

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captoveur 23 Jan 23, 14:31Post

The local news has been beating this dead horse about 3 times a day for the last week. Not sure what they are hoping for.

Unlike an AT-4 tube this is a firearm, and should have been declared. I just wanna know the details about if this was a deploying military member, or the local rep from Bofors going to the SHOT show.
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DXing 23 Jan 23, 16:39Post
I didn't understand the commotion about this when I saw it either. It was checked luggage, petty sure no ammunition was packed with it, so where is the problem other than it wasn't declared? In the state that is packed, it can't do anything, certainly not go off.
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captoveur 23 Jan 23, 22:16Post
The lack of any further information makes me think it was probably someone military who either didn't follow directions, or was given bad directions.

Yet, the local news just reposted this again hoping for someone to pick up a giant nothingburger.

If this was the worlds dumbest, but best equipped terrorist I feel like more would have come of it.
I like my coffee how I like my women: Black, bitter, and preferably fair trade.
bhmbaglock 24 Jan 23, 14:40Post
Latest is that he did declare it and the airline forgot to notify TSA.

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