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JLAmber23 Sep 23, 11:31
GoNice catch. Good to see the old 75s get a second life.
darrenvox21 Sep 23, 18:39
Gowow such climb!!
paul mcallister20 Sep 23, 23:51
GoOdd shaped thing, plenty of head room I would imagine-lol
paul mcallister20 Sep 23, 23:36
GoThank you Zak :-)
paul mcallister16 Sep 23, 23:49
GoThanks Lucas, the storm clouds are rather good
paul mcallister15 Sep 23, 22:41
GoThank you
paul mcallister15 Sep 23, 22:40
GoThank you Zak
paul mcallister15 Sep 23, 22:39
GoThank you Zak
paul mcallister15 Sep 23, 22:26
GoThanks Zak, one of my favourite aircraft.
Ventor03 Sep 23, 14:15
GoCool shot!
WalAndPl29 Aug 23, 13:46
GoGreat photo of the master!
airtrainer28 Aug 23, 17:31
GoFantastic shot, Lars !!!
paul mcallister23 Aug 23, 13:11
GoLovely shot of this old timer still earning it`s keep.
ARodriguez18 Aug 23, 09:01
GoNow this plane belongs to Spanish Air Force as T.24-01
JLAmber14 Aug 23, 20:59
GoThis is not a fair race!
ShanwickOceanic12 Aug 23, 17:20
GoNice catch, even if the lettering does look it was peeled off a college sports shirt.
ShanwickOceanic11 Aug 23, 18:27
GoAt first glance, I thought this was some Etihad special scheme.
darrenvox28 Jul 23, 20:59
darrenvox26 Jul 23, 23:39
Gosweet shot!!
darrenvox26 Jul 23, 23:37
Gowow well done you caught the strobe in this one
darrenvox19 Jul 23, 23:04
Gonice work!!!
paul mcallister14 Jul 23, 13:28
GoThanks--needs a good clean, as we say in Belfast, thon`s boggin` !
paul mcallister14 Jul 23, 13:16
GoThanks--this was my 2nd visit to Leuchars,stayed outside the airfield this time as at the airfield you shot into the sun ( if it comes out )
darrenvox12 Jul 23, 22:35
Goawesome one
darrenvox09 Jul 23, 23:54
darrenvox09 Jul 23, 13:21
Gonice shot
Manuel EstevezR06 Jul 23, 21:24
GoCelebration of the day of the Spanish Armed Forces, two helicopters remained parked all day to be visited by the visiting public, others made a pass and the jump of a parachutist w
darrenvox05 Jul 23, 21:29
Raybin05 Jul 23, 05:35
GoObviously :)
darrenvox04 Jul 23, 23:21
Gocongrats and i still wish i was doing that kind of flight in fs2004
darrenvox04 Jul 23, 21:04
Goinitial climb??
JLAmber04 Jul 23, 20:49
GoFirst name What?
Alexandro Dias04 Jul 23, 17:55
GoBelíssima foto
airtrainer28 Jun 23, 15:00
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 28 JUN 23
paul mcallister27 Jun 23, 23:58
GoThank you for the comments, this is one of my favourite shots of the Vulcan, so sad it`s grounded.
Florida Metal25 Jun 23, 12:43
GoThat's what I thought too, but I saw it registered under that - so wondered if it was some "license" built sort of like Mig-15 with the Lim-1 that Poland did and the Shenyang J-2.
darrenvox23 Jun 23, 00:22
Gocool shot
darrenvox23 Jun 23, 00:20
Gofolland gnat id think they used to be called
paul mcallister21 Jun 23, 20:45
GoI was at Farnborough that year, much sky searching by the crowd, not funny at that end.
darrenvox19 Jun 23, 23:47
Gowhat the difference between this and the f28?? never been able to tell
darrenvox15 Jun 23, 23:30
Goawesome shot my favorite
paul mcallister14 Jun 23, 22:08
GoI haven`t seen a M-EDGE, but there is a G-EDGE its a SAN JODEL D.150 MASCARET, not sure if it wears a Beanie hat.
ZuluRR08 Jun 23, 09:39
GoWhich position did you use at Jagel for the landings if I may ask? :)
houston06 Jun 23, 15:56
GoThe correct Typ is Club Libelle 205 Not "H 205" ! (EASA Type-Certificate TCDS No. A.241)
ARodriguez01 Jun 23, 18:00
GoMadre mía....
airtrainer30 May 23, 19:59
GoEditor's Choice - NAS Daily 30 MAY 23
Alexandro Dias22 May 23, 19:07
Golinda fotografia
dun64920 May 23, 06:58
Gothanks A Lot :)
ARodriguez12 May 23, 12:49
GoEl antiguo Iberia EC-MIL
Alexandro Dias10 May 23, 13:24
GoBelíssima foto