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On This Day: 2009

Aviation events for 2009

January 5: C-GEAJ, an Antarctic Logistic Center International Basler BT-67, crashes on landing at Tony Camp, Antarctica. All four occupants survive but the aircraft is damaged beyond repair.
January 6: Ted, a brand of the American airline United Airlines for their economy flights, is discontinued. Economy flights are rebranded under the main United Airlines brand.
January 15: US Airways Flight 1549, the "Miracle on the Hudson" Airbus A320 (registered N106US) makes a successful water landing in the Hudson River after Canada geese destroy both engines. All 155 on-board survive one of the few successful ditchings in recent history.
January 30: United States Air Force C-17A Globemaster III 06-0002 makes a belly landing at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan.
February 6: FedEx closes its first hub for the first time in history when their Asian-Pacific center at Subic Bay International Airports ceases operations, which were then transferred to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in southern China.
February 7: A Manaus Aerotaxi EMB-110 (PT-SEA) crashes into Mancapuru River in Amazonas, Brazil. The aircraft carried more passengers than it was meant to, then lost an engine just after departure, ditching in the river. Four survivors escaped through an emergency exit in the rear of the aircraft, whereas the other 24 aboard drowned.
February 10: The communications satellites Iridium 33 and Kosmos-2251 collide in orbit 490 miles above Siberia at a speed of 26,170 mph.
February 12: Continental Connection Flight 3407, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 operated by Colgan Air (reg N200WQ), crashes into a house in Clarence Center, NY, while on approach to Runway 23 at Buffalo International Airport. All 45 passengers and 4 crew on board the aircraft are killed, while in the destroyed house one man is killed and four others are injured.
February 13: BA CityFlyer Flight 8456, an Avro RJ100, registration G-BXAR, is substantially damaged when the nosewheel collapses on landing at London City Airport. All 71 people on board are successfully evacuated via emergency chutes.
February 16: An entire South African Airways crew is arrested at London Heathrow Airport after five kilos of cocaine are allegedly discovered in a bag. It is the second drug arrest of an entire SAA crew for drug smuggling within three weeks.
February 18: N652UA, a Boeing 767-322ER operated by United Airlines, is damaged significantly by the automatic discharge of a sprinkler system in the hangar it is parked in while undergoing maintenance at O'Hare International Airport, Chicago. Eleven cabin windows are knocked out by the force of the discharge, damaging the aircraft's avionics systems.
March 12: Cougar Helicopters Flight 91, a Sikorsky S-92A, registration C-GZCH, ditches in the Atlantic Ocean off Canada, killing 17 of the 18 people on board.
March 22: A Pilatus PC-12 (N128CM) operated by Eagle Cap Leasing Inc. dives into the ground 500 feet short of the runway at Bert Mooney Airport in Butte, Montana, killing all 14 occupants (including 7 children).
March 23: FedEx Express Flight 80, a McDonnell-Douglas MD-11F, registration N562FE, crashes on landing at Narita International Airport, Tokyo, killing both crew members.
March 25: The September 2007 approval by the U.S. Department of Transportation for American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and US Airways to begin service between and Beijing, China, or Shanghai, China, goes into effect.
March 26: An Arrow Air McDonnell Douglas DC-10 loses engine parts while flying over Manaus, Colombia. Twelve houses are damaged and the aircraft safely lands at El Dorado International Airport. No fatalities or injuries are reported.
June 1: Air France Flight 447, an Airbus A330-203 (registration F-GZCP) from Rio de Janeiro to Paris with 228 people onboard lost contact with air traffic control while over the Atlantic Ocean, 300 km (186 miles) north-east of the Brazilian city of Natal. In the days following the crash only portions of the plane and 51 bodies were found. All passengers and crew members were killed in the crash, the cause of which is still under investigation, but a possible pitot tube failure has been speculated.
June 1: Flydubai commences operations.
July 14: Air Cargo Germany receives its operating certificate.
July 28: Air Cargo Germany makes its first revenue flight.
August 4: Bangkok Airways ATR72 crashes into an unused control tower at Ko Samui Airport (USM) in Thailand while landing in heavy crosswinds and rain, killing the captain. 10 of the 70 passengers on board are injured. Read more...
August 14: Australian airline Strategic Airlines commences operations.
August 24: American Airlines retires its last Airbus A300 from scheduled service.
SkyEurope Boeing 737-76N (OM-NGB) at  Vienna - Schwechat, Austria
September 1: SkyEurope ceases operations. Read more...
September 29: Olympic Air is founded ; formed from the privatization of the former national carrier Olympic Airlines.
British Airways Airbus A318-112(CJ) Elite (G-EUNB) at  London - City, United Kingdom
September 29: British Airways operates the first transatlantic flight from London City Airport: BA001 (a flight number unused since Concorde retired), an all-business class Airbus A318.
October 9: The Centaur module of NASA’s Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) is purposely smashed into the surface of the Moon, creating a plume of dust which is collected by another spacecraft to test for the presence of water. Five weeks later, test results confirm the existence of water vapor on the Moon.
October 25: CSA Czech Airlines discontinues all long-haul routes from Prague, including New York and Toronto.
October 25: CSA Czech Airlines discontinues all long-haul routes from Prague, including New York and Toronto.
November 25: First flight of the Gulfstream G650.
December 11: First flight of the Airbus A400M in Spain.
December 15: First flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner in Seattle.
December 21: Air Comet ceases operations.
December 22: American Airlines Flight 331 operated by a Boeing 737-800, overshoots the runway on landing at Norman Manley International Airport, Kingston, Jamaica.
December 25: Northwest Airlines Flight 253, operated by Airbus A330-323E N820NW is subjected to an attempted terrorist attack. The terrorist, Nigerian Islamist Abdulfarouk Umar Muttalab, is overpowered by other passengers and is arrested when the aircraft lands at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

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