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On This Day: 1950

Aviation events for 1950

January 13: First flight of the Mikoyan-Gurevich I-330, prototype of the MiG-17.
January 19: First flight of the Avro Canada CF-100 RCAF 18101.
January 24: First flight of the North American YF-93.
February 2: Japan Air Lines inaugurates its first international service: a twice-weekly route to San Francisco.
March 3: Australian Qantas inaugurates a passenger service from Sydney to Tokyo.
March 7: Northwest Orient Flight 307 crashes just before landing at Minneapolis after trying to divert there due to bad weather in Rochester. Striking a cemetery flagpole, the Martin 202 continued for a few miles before crashing into a house, killing all 13 on-board.
March 12: An Airflight Limited Avro 689 Tudor V (G-AKBY, nicknamed “Star Girl”) crashes while on approach to Llandow’s Runway 28 in Sigingstone, Wales. While attempting to correct a lower-than-normal approach, the pilot’s correction causes a stall causing 80 of the 83 aboard to perish. The blame was placed on improper loading, creating a a center of gravity issue and the subsequent low angle of attack while trying to land. At the time it is the most deadly aviation disaster in history.
March 25: a Mandated Air Lines Lockheed 414-08 Hudson IVA crashes into a house while trying to make an emergency landing back at Law-Nadzab Airport in Papua New Guinea. After experiencing a failure of engine #1, and then had to execute a go-around because of traffic on the runway, and subsequently hit telephone wires. There was 1 survivor among the 3 aboard.
March 25: A Devlet Hava Yollari Douglas DC-3 (TC-BAL) catches fire while on approach to Ankara, Turkey. The crew became incapacitated and the aircraft fell short of the runway, resulting in the deaths of all 15 occupants.
March 26: A North American B-25 Mitchell that was converted to an executive transport configuration and being flown around the country to promote possible sales, breaks-up in midair, presumably due to severe weather conditions. All 6 people on the aircraft perish.
March 26: First flight of the Douglas XA2D Skyshark.
April 18: First flight of the Convair XP5Y-1 BuNo 121455 - first turboprop-powered flying boat to fly.
May 10: First flight of the de Havilland Heron G-ALZL.
June 1: BEA commences the first regular passenger service to be flown by helicopter, between Liverpool and Cardiff.
June 25: Korean War breaks out.
June 27: A USAF F-82 Twin Mustang shoots down a North Korean Air Force Yak-9, the first air-to-air kill of the Korean War.
June 27: U.S. Air Force B-29 Superfortresses of the 19th Bombardment Group attack Seoul railway station and the bridge over the Han River in the first strategic bombing mission of the Korean War.
July 3: Escorting strikes on Pyongyang by F4U Corsairs and AD Skyraiders, F9F Panthers of VF-51 flying from USS Valley Forge (CV-45) become the first U.S. jet fighters to go into combat. They shoot down two North Korean Yak-9 fighters; Lieutenant junior grade Leonard H. Plog becomes the first U.S. Navy jet pilot to score an aerial victory. It is the combat debut for both the Skyraider and the Panther.
July 28: The first scheduled passenger service flown by a gas-turbine powered airliner (turboprop) is British European Airway’s (BEA) Vickers V. 630 Viscount.
July 29: a BEA Vickers Viscount makes the first turboprop-powered passenger flight on the route London(Northolt)-Paris(Le Bourget).
August 6: The Handley Page Hermes enters service with BOAC.
September 4: Captain Robert Wayne becomes the first pilot to be rescued from behind enemy lines by a helicopter.
September 22: An F-84 Thunderjet completes the first crossing of the Atlantic by a jet fighter.
October 20: U.S, paratroops cut off supplies from Pyongyang, Korea.
November 7: BOAC retires its last flying boat airliner from service.
November 9: Flying an F9F Panther, United States Navy Lieutenant Commander William T. Armen shoots down a MiG-15. It is the first victory by a U.S. Navy jet over another jet.

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