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On This Day: April 25

Aviation events for April 25

1918: Belgian World War I fighter ace Willy Coppens records his first kill.
1922: Known as the Stout ST-1, the first all-metal airplane designed for the U.S. Navy makes its first flight piloted by Eddie Stinson.
1922: The Stout ST-1, the first all-metal airplane built for the U.S. Navy, makes its first flight, piloted by aviation pioneer Eddie Stinson.
1940: McGee Airways pioneers the transportation of fresh meat and milk to the Alaskan interior.
1948: A North American F-86 Sabre becomes the first jet-powered aircraft to break the sound barrier.
1966: Two YF-12 were flown to Eglin AFB in Florida for firing trials. On the same day JimEastham fired an unarmed AIM-47 against a QB-47 flying 60,000 feet below. The missile passed throughthe QB-47s horizontal stabilizer. The YF-12s scored an impressive 6 hits out of 7 attempts. The single miss was attributed to missile gyro defects.
1968: Apollo 6's SIV-B staqe re-enters the Earth's atmosphere and the Apollo 6 command module is recovered.
1972: The world straight-line distance record for a single-seat sailplane is set by German Hans Werner Grosse, who sails 907 miles (1,460 km) in a Sleicher AS-W12 sailplane.
1982: Helicopters play a major role as British forces recapture South Georgia Island from Argentine forces.
1983: NASA exploration spacecraft Pioneer 10 flies past the orbit of Pluto.
1990: Hubble Space Telescope - USA & Europe Telescope launched. The Hubble Space Telescope has returned high-resolution images of Mars and the other outer planets of the Solar System. In July 1994, it photographed the collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter.

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