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On This Day: September 23

Aviation events for September 23

1910: Peruvian Georges Chavez, who flies over the Simplon Pass between Italy and Switzerland, makes the 1st airplane flight over the Alps.
1911: Earl Ovington carries the 1st airmail in the United States in a Ble´riot monoplane from Nassau Boulevard Aerodome, Long Island to Mineola, Long Island.
1913: French pilot, Roland Garros, becomes the 1st person to fly across the Mediterranean, a distance of 470 miles. He lands in Tunisia 7 hours and 53 minutes after taking off from France, which is of particular note because he only had enough fuel for 8 hours of flight.
1941: Hans-Ulrich Rudel single-handedly sinks the Soviet battleship Marat flying a Junkers Ju 87 dive bomber.
1999: NASA announces that it has lost contact with the Mars Climate Orbiter after it descended to a low altitude in Mars’ orbit and was destroyed by atmospheric stresses.
1999: Qantas Flight 1, a 747-400 registered VH-OJH, overruns a runway in Bangkok during a storm. While some passengers receive minor injuries, it is still the worst accident in Qantas history.

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