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On This Day: August 7

Aviation events for August 7

1917: The Morane-Saulnier A. I. Parasol fighter airplane makes its first flight in France.
1919: Capt. Ernest C. Hoy becomes the first pilot to fly over the Canadian Rockies when he carries mail from Vancouver, British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta in a Curtiss JN-4 biplane.
1928: One of the most successful designs of the day, the first Curtiss Model 50 Robin, takes to the air. A typical Robin has a wingspan of 41 ft. and a length of 25 ft., 8 in. with a 185-hp engine.
1931: Jim Mollison lands after flying from Australia to England in 10 days, knocking two days off the existing record.
1951: First flight of the McDonnell F3H Demon 125444. Read more...
1959: The first ever television images of earth from space are transmitted from the Explorer 6 satellite.
1967: AerolĂ­neas Argentinas and Iberia jointly inaugurate the world's longest non-stop air route, between Buenos Aires and Madrid.
1971: The Apollo 15 spacecraft splashes down in the Pacific, 330 miles north of Hawaii, having been the fourth manned moon mission.
1976: The Viking 2 probe enters a Martian orbit after an 11 month trip from Earth.
1980: Janice Brown pilots the MacCready Gossamer Penguin on its first solar powered flight.
1990: Operation Desert Shield begins, as the first American air patrols, troops and equipment land in Saudi Arabia to discourage an Iraqi invasion. Iraq had annexed neighboring Kuwait five days earlier.
1997: Shuttle Discovery lifts off from Cape Canaveral for mission STS-85. Read more...
1997: Fine Air flight 101 crashed at Miami International Airport. The DC-8-61(N27UA) did not have the cargo properly restrained, and shifted at rotation.

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