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On This Day: August 1

Aviation events for August 1

1907: The Aeronautical Division of the US Army Signal Corps is created. Their goal is, “to study the flying machine and the possibility of adapting it to military purposes.”
1916: The first issue of America’s most influential and long-running aircraft magazine appears at a price of 5 cents. Called Aviation and Aeronautical Engineering, it is ancestor of Aviation Week & Space Technology and is published twice a month.
1929: Dr. Hugo Eckener commands the first airship flight to circumnavigate the globe when the flight leaves Friedrichshafen, Germany. Graf Zeppelin arrives back at Friedrichshafen on September 4, having logged 21,000 mi. in 12 days, 12 hours, 20 minutes flying time.
1941: The United States embargoes the sale of aviation fuel to Japan.
1941: First flight of the Grumman TBF Avenger.
1946: British European Airways (BEA) is established under the Civil Aviation Act of 1946, which makes the entire British air transport industry nationalized. Read more...
1946: Scandinavian Air System (SAS) is founded. Read more...
1951: Japan Airlines founded. Read more...
1956: First flight of the Aeritalia G.91.
National Nuclear Security Administration McDonnell Douglas DC-9-33(RC) (N45NA) at  Miami - International, United States
1966: First flight of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30.
1972: Delta Air Lines absorbs Northeast Airlines.
1977: Francis Gary Powers dies in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles. Read more...
1981: First flight of the Lockheed TR-1 Dragonlady. Read more...
1983: America West Airlines commences operations. Read more...
1997: Boeing and McDonnell Douglas complete merger forming The Boeing Company.

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