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On This Day: April 1

Aviation events for April 1

374: A.D... Comet 1P/374 E1 (Halley) approaches within 0.0884 AUs of Earth.
1904: Using a glider imperfectly modeled by Ernest Archdeacon on an outdated Wright design, artillery captain Ferdinand Ferber launched himself into a short hop from a massive dune in Berc-Sur-Mer, Normandy, France.
1918: The United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force is born. It is formed out the army’s Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service.
1921: French pilot Adrienne Bollard takes off from Mendoza, Argentina in a Cauldron biplane to become the first woman to fly over the Andes. She completes the historic Andean crossing to the Chilean capital, Santiago in 10 hours.
1949: The Boeing Stratocruiser enters service with Pan Am.
1953: BEA (British European Airways) and Air France introduce tourist-class fares on their European routes.
1954: BEA and Air France introduce "Tourist Class" fares.
1955: Post-World War II bans on powered flight in West Germany are lifted and reconstituted Lufthansa resumes operations.
1960: First known weather observation satellite, TIROS I (Television Infra-Red Observation Satellite), launched into orbit by Thor-Able, and took pictures of earth's cloud cover on a global scale from 450 miles above until June 29. TIROS I was hailed as ushering in a new era of meteorological observing.
1961: VIASA - the flag carrier of Venezuela - commences operations.
1965: NAMC YS-11 enters service with Japan Domestic Airlines.
1965: Syncom 3, 1st geosynchronous communications satellite, passes from civilian to military control.
1969: Air Jamaica commences operations.
1971: Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B enters service with British European Airways.
1971: U.S. and Canada ISIS 2 launched to study ionosphere.
1976: Lufthansa’s first two Airbus A300Bs enter service. They will fly between Frankfurt and Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart and London.
1977: The Canadian Snowbirds aerobatic team officially becomes the 431 Air Demonstration Squadron.
1982: Air France flies the Concorde over to Rio de Janeiro and Caracas, Venezuela for the last time.
1987: Tu-160 enters service with the Soviet Air Forces (184th Guards Heavy Bomber Regiment in Pryluki).
1992: Jet Airways is founded.
1993: Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom reviews 70 Royal Air Force aircraft on the ground in celebration of the air force's 75th anniversary. A mass flypast is cancelled due to poor weather.
1997: Comet Hale-Bopp Perihelion.
2004: AirBridge Cargo Airlines commences operations.

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