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On This Day: April 16

Aviation events for April 16

1867: Wilbur Wright born in Millville, Indiana. Read more...
1912: Harriet Quimby, the first American woman pilot, lands after a solo flight across the English Channel from Dover to Calais, France. Read more...
1941: Igor I. Sikorsky impressively demonstrates the capabilities of his VS-300 helicopter by hovering virtually motionless over Stratford (Connecticut) Airport for one hour, five minutes. Powered by a large, 90-hp engine, it sets a new helicopter record. Read more...
1964: The first XAIM-47A air-to-air missile is fired from a YF-12. Read more...
1972: Apollo 16 - USA Manned Lunar Lander (April 16-27, 1972) launched. Crew: John W. Young, Charles M. Duke, Jr., Thomas K. Mattingly II. Young and Duke landed on April 21, 1972, at the Descartes crater located at latitude 9°00' N and longitude 15°31' E. They deployed instruments, drove the lunar rover, and collected 94.7 kilograms of samples during a 71-hour surface stay.
1973: The Florida State Senate votes unanimously to restore the name “Cape Canaveral” to the NASA establishment which was renamed “Cape Kennedy” shortly after the President’s assassination.
1994: A Royal Navy Sea Harrier is shot down over Serbia by a SA-7 Grail. The pilot was later rescued.

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