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On This Day: February 5

Aviation events for February 5

1919: The first regular, daily passenger service in the world is launched at Berlin’s city airfield. A German airline, Deutsche Luft Reederei, operates the new service on route from Berlin to Weimar via Leipzig.
1920: The Royal Air Force College is established in Cranwell, Licolnshire.
1929: Frank Hawks and Oscar Grubb land their Lockheed Air Express in New York after a record flight of 18 hours 20 minutes from Los Angeles.
1946: TWA begins transatlantic service with the Lockheed Constellation flying the New York-Gander-Shannon-Paris route.
1949: An Eastern Air Lines Lockheed Constellation lands at LaGuardia, New York, at the end of a flight of 6 hours 18 minutes from Los Angeles, a coast-to-coast record for transport aircraft.
1951: The United States and Canada announce the establishment of the Distant Early Warning (DEW), the air defense system that uses more than 30 radar stations located across the northern portion of the continent.
1958: A B-47 Stratojet on a simulated training exercise out of Homestead Air Force base in Florida collides with an F-86 Sabre. The bomber is carrying a 7,600-pound hydrogen bomb, which was jettisoned in an effort to reduce weight for a safe landing. The Sabre pilot ejects, the B-47 plane made it to Hunter Army Airfield safely, and the bomb, let go into the Atlantic Ocean, was never found. If you happen to reel it in on a fishing trip, please contact the United States Air Force.
1958: Vanguard TV-3 back-up launches into Earth orbit; reaches 6 km.
1962: A Sikorsky HSS-2 Sea King of the US Navy sets a world helicopter speed record of 210.6 mph, in the course of a flight between Milford and New Haven, Connecticut.
1962: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn within 16 degrees.
1963: Soviet lunar probe failure.
1967: Lunar Orbiter 3 - USA Lunar Orbiter launched. Orbited the moon, photographed the far side for potential Apollo 12 landing sites, then impacted on command.
1972: First series of three SR-71 HABU flights launched at Kadena. At 14:16, 14:18 and 15:22.These missions were coordinated sorties to lay down sonic booms over the Hanoi Hilton POW camp. These flight were designed to show solidarity with the prisoners. (Q)
1972: Airlines in the United States begin mandatory inspection of passengers and baggage for weapons and explosives.
1972: Aeroflot and Lufthansa team up to operate joint Moscow-Frankfurt flights.
1972: NASA and de Havilland Canada extensively modify a C-8 Buffalo for STOL experiments.
1974: Mariner 10 - USA Mercury/Venus Flyby - 526 kg - (November 3, 1973 - March 24, 1975) flew past Venus for a gravity assist to the planet Mercury. Mariner 10 was the first dual planet mission. Mariner 10 was the first spacecraft to have an imaging system. It recorded circulation in the Venusian atmosphere and showed the temperature of the cloud tops to be -23°C. Mariner 10 flew past Mercury 3 times on March 29, 1974, September 21, 1974, and March 16, 1975. These three encounters produced over 10,000 pictures with 57% planet coverage. It recorded surface temperatures ranging from 187°C to -183°C on the day and night sides. A weak magnetic field was detected but it failed to detect an atmosphere. Mariner 10 is now in a solar orbit.
1982: Laker Airways ceases operations.
1987: Soyuz TM-2 launches.
1994: Clementine - USA Lunar Orbiter - (launched January 25, 1994) spent 70 days (between February 6 and May 5, 1994) in lunar orbit. The official name for Clementine is Deep Space Probe Science Experiment (DSPSE). It was a Department of Defense program used to test new space technology. Clementine was a new design using lightweight structure and propellant systems. Its four cameras mapped the surface of the Moon at 125-250 meters/pixel resolution. Clementine also used a laser to gather altimeter data which will make it possible to generate the first lunar topographic map.
2012: MatlinPatterson, the private equity firm in control of World Airways and North American Airlines, takes its Global Aviation Holdings subsidiary carriers into Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization less than four years after shuttering fellow subsidiary carriers ATA Airlines and Arrow Air.
United Express (Republic Airlines) Bombardier DHC-8-402Q (N204WQ) at  Albuquerque - International, United States
2015: Fire all but destroys the Dowty propeller factory at Staverton, Gloucestershire, UK. The facility makes propellers for the C-130J and Bombardier Q400. The nearby Messier-Bugatti-Dowty landing-gear design and manufacture facility is unaffected. Read more...

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