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On This Day: February 11

Aviation events for February 11

1909: An important pioneer in developing aviation in New Zealand, Vivian C. Walsh pilots a Howard-Wright biplane on what is generally considered the first flight in New Zealand by a powered airplane.
1913: The Chilean Air Force is founded.
1914: Distance record for balloons over land is set by H. Berliner, who flies 1,890 miles (c. 3,040 km) from Bitterfeldt, Germany to Kirgischano, Russia.
1935: The first flight in the United States with a car slung underneath the fuselage takes place.
1939: The XP-38, later to become the P-38 Lightning, flies from California to New York in 7 hours, 2 minutes.
1946: The United States and United Kingdom sign an agreement in Bermuda setting out the principles by which air rates and frequencies of international services should be set. The Bermuda Agreement becomes a standard upon which air agreements would be based in the future.
1959: A US meteorological balloon achieves a record height of 146,000 ft. carrying a special package of detectors sending information by radio signal to the ground.
1960: CIA signs the contract which ordered a full twelve OXCART aircraft. (Q)
1970: Japan becomes 4th nation to put a satellite, Osumi, in orbit.
1974: Titan-Centaur Test launch fails.
1978: Pacific Western Airlines Flight 314, a 737-200 (C-FPWC) crashes at Cranbrook Airport in British Columbia, after an aborted landing in which the reverse thrusters did not retract properly. The aircraft was trying to avoid a snowplow on the runway, which was faulted to ATC. There were 7 survivors and 42 fatalities on the aircraft.
1984: 10th space shuttle mission (41-B)-Challenger 4-returns to Earth.
1986: United completes its purchase of Pan Am’s Pacific division for $715 million and begins service to an additional 11 cities for a total of 13 cities in 10 Pacific Rim countries.
1987: Following its privatization, British Airways shares begin trading on the London Stock Exchange.
1994: Space shuttle STS-60 (Discovery 18), lands.
1995: Space shuttle STS-63 (Discovery 19), lands.
1997: Space Shuttle STS-82(Discovery) is launched on a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.
2000: JetBlue Airways (B6) starts operations from JFK.
2002: First flight of the Airbus A340-500.
2006: Steve Fossett broke the record for absolute longest distance flight without landing by taking off from Kennedy Space Center on 8 February, heading around the world eastbound, and then upon returning to Florida airspace, continued across the Atlantic for a second time to land in Bournemouth, England after a 76 hour 43 minute flight covering 42,469.46 km.

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