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On This Day: November 26

Aviation events for November 26

1939: British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) is established through the amalgamation of Imperial Airways and British Airways.
1951: First flight of the Gloster Javelin prototype WD804.
1964: Belgian paratroops are dropped into Congo by the U.S. Air Force.
1965: In the Hammaguir launch facility in the Sahara desert, France launches a Diamant-A rocket with its first satellite, "Asterix-1" on board, becoming the third country to enter outer space.
1968: USAF helicopter pilot James P. Fleming rescues a Special Forces unit pinned down by Viet Cong Fire. He is later awarded the Medal of Honor for his Courage under fire.
1987: A Douglas DC-9 of Continental Airlines crashes in Denver, Colorado on take-off during a snowstorm; 26 lose their lives and 56 are gravely injured.
1990: First flight of the Delta II rocket.
1991: Ed Heinamann passes away. A famed designer of the SBD Dauntless, A20 Havoc, A26 Invader, A1 Skyraider, A3 Skywarrior, A4 Skyhawk, F3D Skyknight, F4D Skyray Douglas Skystreak and the Skyrocket. He left Douglas Aircraft Company in 1960. In 1962 he joined General Dynamics where he oversaw the development of the F-16.
2003: Concorde makes its final flight over Bristol

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