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On This Day: October 1

Aviation events for October 1

1861: The United States Army Balloon Corps, consisting of five balloons and fifty men, is formed.
1906: United States Army Lieutenant Frank Lahm wins the 1st Gordon Bennett international balloon race.
1912: The Military Aviation Service is founded in Germany.
1941: Inter-Island Airways was renamed Hawaiian Airlines.
1947: Los Angeles Airways opens the world’s 1st regular airmail service by helicopter, using Sikorsky S-51 machines.
1947: First flight of the North American XP-86A.
1966: West Coast Airlines, Flight 956 crashed with 18 fatalities. This was the first crash of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9.
Aurigny Air Services Britten-Norman BN-2A Mk.III Trislander (G-BCNO) at  International Airspace, (International Airspace)
1971: Aurigny Air Services commences operations with Britten-Norman Trislander.
1972: Malaysian Airline System is formed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
1976: After his 1973 RTW attempt was aborted by bad weather between Hokkaidō and the Aleutian Islands, Don Taylor of California successfully circumnavigates the world (Oshkosh eastbound to Oshkosh) in his Thorp T-18, the first aviator to do so with a homebuilt aircraft.
1986: The AH-64 Apache enters service with the US 6th Cavalry Brigade.
1994: United Airlines created a new airline named United Shuttle.

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