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On This Day: January 7

Aviation events for January 7

1642: Galileo Galilei, Italian physicist/astronomer, dies at age 77.
1760: Comet C/1760 A1 (Great comet) approaches within 0.0682 AUs of Earth.
1785: The English Channel is crossed for the first time by air as Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries fly their hydrogen balloon from Dover, England to a forest near Calais, France.
1910: French aviator Hubert Latham becomes the first to fly above 1,000 meters.
1931: Australian aviator Guy Menzies made the first solo nonstop flight from Australia to New Zealand in 11 hours and 45 minutes. His flight ended in a crash landing, however, from which he survived.
1963: Aeroflot launches its service from Moscow to Havana (Cuba), using Tu-114 turboprop aircraft.
1963: First flight of the Short Skyvan.
1966: The SR-71 Blackbird enters operational service with the US Air Force.
1972: An Iberia Sud Aviation SE210 Caravelle (registered EC-ATV) crashed while on approach in Sierra de Atalayasa, Spain, killing all 104 aboard. The air crew was blamed for the crashed, since they did not abort landing after entering clouds on a visual approach to Ibiza Airport.
1973: Cameron Balloons Ltd. of Bristol, England, flies for the first time the world’s only hot-air airship (G-BAMK) from Wantage, Berkshire.
1973: Launch of Luna 21 carrying the Lunokhod 2 rover, the second robotic lunar rover. Made lunar landing with an automated Lunokhod 2 rover.
1980: In San Francisco, a single-engined Mooney 231 sets a nonstop coast-to coast record in 8 hours 4 minutes using only 105 gallons of fuel.
1981: A Boeing 747 of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), China’s state airline, arrives at JFK Airport, N.Y., from Beijing via Shanghai and San Francisco; this is the first scheduled flight between these two countries since 1949 and inaugurates a weekly CAAC service.
1987: French Air Force jets attack the Libyan Air Force base in Ouadi Doum to avenge a raid by Libya against the French military three days before.
1994: Russian manned space craft TM-18, launches into orbit.

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