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On This Day: January 20

Aviation events for January 20

1913: Attempting to establish a new women’s altitude record, Bernetta Miller is covered with oil and temporarily blinded when her oil flow indicator smashes. She makes a safe emergency landing in New York.
1932: Imperial Airways’ Handley Page H.P.42 Helena leaves Croydon, England, for Paris on the first leg of the company’s new mail service to Cape Town.
1941: The Brazilian Air Force is created by the amalgamation of the Brazilian Army and Brazilian Navy air arms.
1959: First flight of the Vickers Vanguard.
1965: JPL proposes modified Apollo flight to fly around Mars and return.
1966: The Short Belfast enters service with No. 53 Squadron RAF.
1971: First flight of the Grumman E-2C Hawkeye.
1971: The McDonnell Douglas RF-4E Phantom II enters operational service with the Luftwaffe.
1974: First flight of the General Dynamics YF-16 72-01567.
1975: A Boeing 707, commandeered by three terrorists and flown by a crew of Air France volunteers, lands in Baghdad, Iraq. The terrorists forced the French airline to fly them out of Paris by taking ten travelers hostage yesterday, at Orly airport.
1990: North American Airlines began operations.
1990: US 64th manned space mission STS 32 (Columbia 10) returns from space.
1992: An Air Inter Airbus A320 (Flight 148), crashes on landing at Strasbourg, killing eighty-seven of the 96 people on board.
1997: Comet Hale-Bopp crosses Mars' orbit.

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