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On This Day: January 14

Aviation events for January 14

1742: Edmund Halley dies.
1909: Wilbur Wright, his brother Orville and sister Katharine, having just arrived from America, move to Pau in the south of France after completing flying demonstrations at Camp d’Auvers.
1935: United Air Lines decides to equip its fleet with a de-icing system for airplane wings, following successful tests on a Boeing 247.
1936: An American Airlines Douglas DC-2 operating as American Airways Flight 1 crashed near Goodwin, Arkansas, killing all 17 people on board.
1958: Qantas becomes the first foreign airline permitted to fly across the United States.
1960: First flight of the Piper Cherokee.
1961: Final assembly of first Saturn flight vehicle (SA-1) was completed.
1973: A U.S. Navy F-4B Phantom II of Fighter Squadron 161 (VF-161) off USS Midway (CVA-41) flown by Lieutenant V. T. Kovaleski (pilot) and Ensign D. H. Plautz (radar intercept officer) becomes the last American aircraft lost over North Vietnam when it is shot down by antiaircraft artillery near Thanh Hoa while escorting an Operation Blue Tree reconnaissance mission.
1975: the F-16 Fighting Falcon is announced as the winner of the LWF (Light Weight Fighter) competition.

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