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On This Day: January 13

Aviation events for January 13

1906: The first air exhibition of the Aero Club of America opens for eight days in the Sixty-ninth Regiment Armory in New York City. The Wrights are asked to send the motor that powered their 1903 flying machine but can only salvage the crankshaft and flywheel.
1908: The first European to fly one kilometer in a circle is Henri Farman in his Voisin-Farman airplane. Farman’s 1 minute 28 second flight wins him the Grand Prix d’Aviation Deutsche-Archdeacon race in France.
1942: The first fully practical, single rotor helicopter makes a successful flight flown by its creator, Igor Sikorsky.
1950: First flight of the Mikoyan-Gurevich I-330, prototype of the MiG-17.
1961: Convair B-58 Hustler, jet bomber powered by four GE J-79 engines, broke six world speed records, Maj. H. J. Deutschendorf, U.S. Air Force, as pilot. On first closed-course run, the Hustler averaged 1,200.194 miles per hour, and it averaged 1,061.808 miles per hour on both runs carrying a payload of 4,408 pounds and a crew of three.
1982: Air Florida Flight 90, crashed into frozen Potomac River. Seventy-eight people were killed including four motorists on ground.
2004: An Uzbekistan Airways plane crashes in Uzbekistan's capital of Tashkent, killing all 37 aboard.
2010: German airline Blue Wings ceased operations.

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