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Russian Su-27 Has Collided With A US Drone

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paul mcallister 14 Mar 23, 23:58Post
The incident happened at about 07:03 Central European Time (06:03 GMT) on Tuesday, according to the US military.
DXing 15 Mar 23, 12:09Post
Word here yesterday was that first the Russians got out front of the drone and opened the fuel dump valve spraying it with Jet-A. Next they got too close and had a propeller strike. Maybe they were trying to bump wings when the drone changed course unexpectedly? Why deny it? The drone has a live feed camera on it, it's not like what happened wouldn't have been seen and recorded. Ok, so now fly the drones in pairs so they can watch each others six.
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captoveur 15 Mar 23, 13:33Post
I have been using this more lately.. and that is concerning.

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DXing 16 Mar 23, 15:24Post

I had thought maybe they were trying to flip the drone by bumping wings but obviously this guy just failed his chance at joining the Russian Air Force demonstration team! Lol. I guess spraying jet fuel was intended to affect the camera lens by contaminating it. I'm left wondering how he got just the prop and not part or all of the V tail.
What's the point of an open door policy if inside the open door sits a closed mind?
DXing 19 Mar 23, 10:54Post
{laugh} {laugh} Bang up an airplane in the western air forces, you've probably flown your last mission. Bang it up in the eastern block, you get an award...

Russia's Ministry of Defence announced on Friday that it had given awards to the pilots who intercepted a US MQ-9 Reaper drone earlier in the week, resulting in it crashing into the Black Sea.

The pilots of the two Su-27 fighter jets were awarded the decorations by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu for preventing the Reaper from violating airspace that Russia says is restricted, according to the Russian ministry.

Back in 2001 when a Chinese J-8 interceptor collided with a U.S. Navy P-3 while attempting a "Thump" maneuver and crashed into the sea, that pilot was also turned into a hero at home.

U.S. officials left China after two days of prickly talks as China prepared a hero's farewell for a fighter pilot missing after an April 1 mid-air collision with a U.S. spy plane.

One thing I found interesting while researching this....

About 30 seconds later, I found Wang Wei’s plane was rolling to the right side and plunging. The plane was out of control. Wang Wei requested to parachute. I replied: ‘Permission granted.’ Afterward, I lost contact with Wang Wei.”

So in China, even if your jet is mortally wounded, you have to ask "permission" to eject and save your life? jeezzz..... {boggled}
What's the point of an open door policy if inside the open door sits a closed mind?

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