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USAF grounds KC135 fleet

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Allstarflyer (Database Editor & Founding Member) 17 Feb 23, 01:45Post
Tails might fall off mid-flight. {boggled} ... y-fall-off

The U.S. Air Force has ordered its entire fleet of KC-135 tankers to be grounded for inspection over concerns that their tails could fall off mid-flight if not properly fixed.

Truly boggling the tail could fall off.
Lucas (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 17 Feb 23, 02:21Post
Instantly reminded of this:

Raybin 17 Feb 23, 06:46Post
Spangdahlem AFB currently has at least 4, sometimes up to 12 KC-135 for operations on the Ukrainian border. They all fly directly over my house several times a day. Mostly around 3000 feet.
So far they haven't bothered me.
I hope that doesn't change.
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captoveur 17 Feb 23, 15:27Post
I guess after 60+ years you start to have problems.
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paul mcallister 17 Feb 23, 16:30Post
Currently 3 over SW England (1626 UK Time) heading W.

LAGR815 60-0353
LAGR816 59-1470
LAGR817 61-0315
ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 17 Feb 23, 18:15Post
Just the tankers, not the Rivet Joint or E-3?
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DXing 17 Feb 23, 19:14Post
Sounds like it has more to do with how the refueling boom is attached. In any event, it's a 30 minute inspection which means that it's in a pretty easy location to get at. Not like they have to drag them all into the hangar and break them down. Waiting for Vic to chime in as this sounds like they got some bad parts.
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miamiair (netAirspace FAA) 21 Feb 23, 10:56Post
That inspection has been around for decades. You remove the access panels and then perform an NDT Eddy Current inspection of the terminal fitting lugs. See the arrows in the image below.
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paul mcallister 21 Feb 23, 16:01Post
Thanks for this, I will go and check mine now. LOL

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