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Shoreham Crash Pilot Seeks Judicial Review

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ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 06 Feb 23, 11:32Post
The pilot whose plane crashed at the Shoreham Airshow in 2015, killing 11 men, has asked for permission to judicially review the inquest into their deaths.

In December a coroner ruled all 11 had been unlawfully killed.

Pilot Andrew Hill was cleared of gross negligence manslaughter at a criminal trial in 2019.

The High Court will now decide whether to allow Mr Hill's application.

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I don't know what's going on in this guy's head, but he's lucky not to be in prison. Quit while you're ahead and don't put the families through this. {twocents}
My friend and I applied for airline jobs in Australia, but they didn't Qantas.
paul mcallister 06 Feb 23, 13:18Post
I suspect it`s his legal team driving this rather than him, but I suppose at the end of the day, he has to agree to it.
As you say he is lucky not be in jail, despite the fact he obviously did not mean this dreadful accident to happen.
He made a mistake, but I have always believed that the show organisers must bear a portion of the blame for what happened that day.

In my view, the bypass should have been closed during the show, no risk assessment had been carried out by the organising team, they assumed it had been done, but did not check. No display routine was submitted by Andrew Hill or the owner of the Hunter, so the display director did not have any idea what manoeuvres the aircraft was intending to perform.

This accident almost caused airshows to be banned in the UK, and has severely restricted what display aircraft can now do, all because of one pilot`s stupid mistake. No other reason The CAA attempted to ban all jets from UK airshows, and the grounding of the Hunters was a pathetic knee jerk reaction, which caused shows to be scrubbed right across the UK, it caused panic, which was undeserved, UK airshows have always been some of the safest in the world.

I believe it was pretty obvious from the start, that it was pilot error that caused the crash. Why he or his legal team what to continue with this is baffling.
Paul Chandler1 17 Mar 23, 21:00Post
Another point is that the pilot was very lucky to survive, if he had not then 'pilot error' would probably been the verdict, however he did survive and quite how he avoided jail is as miraculous as his survival.
The Airshow director was well known and respected former Hunter display pilot and instructor so should have been well aware of the sort of display to expect. Also on a airshow program i saw, AH was not the original pilot intended to display that day. AH was more used to flying a lesser powered Jet Provost trainer and is it possible that was a factor as the entry speeds and height gates would have been different for the 2 aircraft types.

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