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Pilots need to know how to Fly . . . Opinion

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ANCFlyer (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 23 Nov 22, 11:46Post ... 9d4ae29330

So Ladies and Gents . . . what say you?

I concur with the FAAs opinion that pilots should really know how to fly - I mean FLY - not just turn a dial, punch some data into the FMC and sit listening and watching.

I may be up an otter's behind, but this just makes sense. I use cruise control but I also know how to use the tall skinny pedal and the one next to it in the NBAFDT.

Could some mishaps with aviation have been averted in the last decade had a pilot relied on "doing some of that pilot shit" (movie reference), or has that skill been lost in the wave of automation.

Recently saw news where airlines wants to reduce commercial cockpit crews to a single person. No fail safe there.

Have at it folks.
paul mcallister 26 Nov 22, 12:45Post
I think pilots are forced to rely far too much on technology, and they should be doing more "real" flying.
Things may be a bit different here in the UK, I know a few commercial pilots that go to a local flying club at least once a month and take a light aircraft out for an hour or two to keep their manual skills sharp.
Seems like a fine plan to me.

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