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Has Frontier forgotten aviaton history?

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DXing 28 Oct 22, 13:29Post
If you really like to fly, depending on how it is priced, Frontier might have a plan for you. I've flown them several times and haven't had a problem. You get what you pay for.

The All-You-Can-Fly pass includes unlimited flights to anywhere that Frontier flies, with flexibility and availability more than 300 days a year. You will also be able to confirm your booking before you travel, which means you won't be trapped in an airport, hoping for a standby seat before you can reach your destination.

It will be called the GoWild! Pass, and will launch in Spring 2023, though the passes will be sold starting early in the new year.

Since Frontier is a low cost, coach seating only carrier perhaps costs can be better anticipated but then again, what could go wrong? Perhaps they've forgotten about a disastrous similar attempt by AA 40 years ago.

In the 1980s, American Airlines were short of money. And the airline desperately needed it for fuel… which costs money. In desperate times, come desperate solutions. Such as the airpass of American Airlines. The idea was simple. When the pass was first offered in 1981, it cost $250,000, and you could spend an additional $150,000 for a companion pass. So, if you bought both you were looking at a total of $400,000. In exchange for that you got unlimited, free first-class travel anywhere in the world, on any American Airlines flight, for life and with the companion pass, you could take anyone with you. So, 28 people bought this offer.

Have I got an offer for you!!! {laugh} {laugh}
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Lucas (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 29 Oct 22, 16:13Post
They must be hoping that butt bones will have worn through the participant's skin by the 5th flight!

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