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C-130 On Floats "By Next Year"

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ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 22 Sep 22, 09:25Post ... -commander

Sea-130, anyone?
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DXing 22 Sep 22, 11:45Post
The original boat hull C130 would seem to have a few advantages over the pontoon version but since the Air Force is looking at something that is mission specific rather than dedicated it makes sense. Going to have to use the rear ramp to do any airborne operations. I'd be leery of exiting the side door with that extended end of the pontoon waiting to catch either me or the deploying chute. I'm surprised the Navy didn't look into this a long time ago. Perfect for Seal Team deployment.
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paul mcallister 22 Sep 22, 15:53Post
Why not just buy the Shin Meiwa, and fire whatever US goodies into it that are required ? Surely it would be much cheaper than developing a new variant of the C-130, but then I suppose the idea of the US military buying Japanese kit may not sit well with some.
I am surprised a floatplane C-130 was not developed years ago, perhaps someone took their eye of the ball.
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