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NAS Daily 07 JUN 22

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SpiceJet grounds 90 Boeing 737 MAX pilots after DGCA fine
Indian low-cost carrier SpiceJet has restricted 90 pilots from operating Boeing 737 MAX aircraft after receiving a fine from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for violating pilot training requirements. 
According to a statement from SpiceJet, seen by Indian news outlet Business Standard on June 6, 2022, the faults were found during a surveillance check, which took place on March 30, 2022, at the CAE Simulation Training facility. 
"These pilots undergo re-training to the satisfaction of DGCA. This restriction does not impact the operations of MAX aircraft and the company has adequately trained pilots available for its operations. Basis the observation of DGCA these 90 pilots shall undergo re-training," SpiceJet said in the statement. 

Bidens evacuated after aircraft enters restricted airspace near beach home
US President Joseph Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were briefly evacuated and taken to a secure location after a private aircraft mistakenly entered restricted airspace near the presidential couple’s beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on June 5, 2022.
The White House said there was no threat to the president or his family, and that precautionary measures had been taken. After the situation was assessed, the Bidnes returned to their beach home. 
The US Secret Service said in a statement that the aircraft was immediately escorted from the restricted airspace. 

Two Jordanian Air Force pilots killed in plane crash during training
Two Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) pilots were killed when their plane crashed during a training exercise on June 5, 2022.
Both pilots were in a two-seater aircraft when it crashed at around 09:00 am local time in the northern town of Ramtha near the border with Syria.
The aircraft, which was built by Germany’s GROB Aircraft Co., suffered a technical malfunction, according to Jordan News Agency.
The two pilots killed were identified as ​​Major Bilal Mashhour Ahmed Al-Shoufein, and Captain Baha Muhammad Mustafa Abu Ghanmi.
According to local news, Major Pilot Bahaa Muhammad Mustafa Abu Ghanmi was laid to rest in his hometown of Al-Salt, and was accorded full military honors.


Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo expand joint venture to include Swiss WorldCargo
Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo have announced the addition of Swiss WorldCargo to our joint venture, which offers our customers more direct connections, more flexibility and more time savings.
Swiss WorldCargo’s entry builds on the Joint Business Agreement signed in 2016 between Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo, which allows us to collaborate on distribution, pricing, contracts and the handling of shipments between Hong Kong and Europe.
Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Cargo already work closely together on international routes through their hubs in Hong Kong and Germany, while cargo handling in Hong Kong is coordinated under one roof at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal at Hong Kong International Airport.

KLM operations return to near normal
KLM was able to operate flights on Sunday according to the original schedule for this Whitsun holiday weekend. Furthermore, by the end of the afternoon, more than 90% of the passengers who had been unable to fly to Amsterdam on Saturday evening had arrived at their destination, or been rebooked.
The number of passengers being rebooked is currently rising, which means that nearly all passengers have now been offered an alternative.

airBaltic starts flights from Tampere to Amsterdam
airBaltic has launched direct flights between Tampere and Amsterdam, Netherlands on June 1, 2022. airBaltic now connects both cities with two weekly flights.
airBaltic performs direct flights from Tampere to Oslo (Norway) and Copenhagen (Denmark), Frankfurt, Munich (both Germany) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) as well as sunny leisure destinations Malaga (Spain) and Rhodes (Greece) in addition to continuing flights to Riga (Latvia).

Volotea establishes its 8th French bases at Lourdes
Volotea, the airline of the small and medium sized cities in Europe, continues its strong development in France and will inaugurate its new base in Lourdes on July 1, 2022.
The airline will base an Airbus A319 at the airport.
From the beginning of July, Volotea will operate flights to 5 destinations from Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées, including one to Paris-Orly. Other four exclusive routes on offer including Strasbourg, Naples, Palermo, and Venice.


French Air Force launches local “Top Gun” school for Rafale pilots
The French Air and Space Force has launched a Qualified Weapons Instructor (QWI) course for Rafale fighter pilots on May 30, 2022. 
The Air Warfare Center (CEAM) located at the Mont-de-Marsan Air Base near Bordeaux follows in the footsteps of the United States Navy and its legendary Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, more commonly known as TOPGUN, and the Combined Qualified Weapons Instructor course of the British Royal Air Force and Navy. 
The QWI Rafale comprises “six intensive weeks of theory lessons, simulator sessions, and real flights,” the CEAM detailed on June 3, 2022. “The objective of this training is to perfect their knowledge and mastery of their weapon system and to deepen the tactics, techniques, and procedures.” 

Northrop Grumman reveals Jackal jet-powered ‘suicide drone’
Northrop Grumman has revealed the Jackal, a turbojet-powered loitering munition with a range of more than 100 kilometers. 
The drone is being developed in cooperation with AeroVironment, the manufacturer of the popular Switchblade 300 and 600 drones. 
The drone was revealed at the 2022 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa, Florida, on May 16.  
Speaking to Shephard Media, a Northrop Grumman spokesperson explained that Jackal is intended to fill a gap in capability above the Switchblade in terms of size and power.  
The new drone is propelled by a turbojet engine which allows it to reach speeds of more than 483 kilometers per hour (300 miles per hour), Janes reports. According to the report by Janes, the manufacturer’s spokesperson explained that Jackal is designed to loiter for up to 15 minutes after flying to the distance of 100 kilometers.  

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There are only two emotions in a plane: boredom and terror.

- Orson Welles, interview to celebrate his 70th birthday, The Times of London, 6 May 1985.

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Military Aircraft

1. The Mikoyan-Gurevich aircraft company produced some of the most formidable Soviet jet aircraft to fight in the many wars of the 20th century - the MiGs. NATO intelligence assigned them new (English) names. Which of the following was NOT the name of a MiG fighter?

2. The French aircraft company "Dassault-Breguet" produced France's most successful line of Jet Fighters, the Mirages. All Mirage fighters were designed with the distinctly triangular Delta-Wing configuration.

3. The Israeli Aircraft Industries produced several aircraft based on the French Mirage, after France put a stop to military cooperation between the two countries. Which of the following is NOT one of the fighter aircraft designs created by Israel after its relations with France went sour?

4. While close-support for ground troops was eventually delegated to "Rotary Wing Aircraft", also known as Helicopters, some jet aircraft were specifically designed to provide anti-tank support on the battlefield. Which of these aircraft is NOT designed for such a role?
Q-5 Fantan
A-10 Thunderbolt
A-6 Intruder
Su-25 Frogfoot

5. Most aircraft aficionados will instantly recognize the "Blackbird", a super-sonic jet with some stealth properties, designed to fly at extremely high altitudes while taking pictures. Which American company was responsible for producing this massive reconnaissance aircraft?

6. Which of the following car manufacturers was never involved in the production of aircraft or aircraft parts, at any time during the 20th century?

7. American Fighter Jets are usually designated by the letter "F" followed by a number. Due to the specific process of defense-contracting in the United States, some of the numbers have gone unused. Of the following models, which aircraft actually went on to military production and use?

8. The founder of one of the leading American aerospace companies was infatuated with the idea of a Flying Wing - an aircraft comprised of a single aerodynamic shape, with no outstanding fuselage. Which company did he found?
General Dynamics

9. While jet power has certainly become the dominant means of propulsion for aircraft in the latter half of the 20th century, some civilian and military aircraft still held a potential application for propeller-driven engines. Which of the following aircraft has propellers instead of jets?
Ilyushin Il-76
McDonnell-Douglas KC-10
Vickers-Armstrongs Valiant
Grumman E-2

10. Which of the following aircraft does not have any sort of weaponry for aerial combat?
Lockheed F-117A
Hawker-Siddeley Harrier
Tupolev Tu-22
Cessna A-37

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