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AA flt grounded due pax damaging flt controls

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DXing 12 Jan 22, 14:52Post
Won't take too many of these incidents for policy to change to close the cockpit door before boarding.

According to the carrier, during boarding of Flight 488 to Miami, the passenger "entered the open flight deck and caused damage to the aircraft.",was%20taken%20into%20custody%20by%20local%20law%20enforcement.
What's the point of an open door policy if inside the open door sits a closed mind?
ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 15 Jan 22, 15:43Post
Leave it to humans to find a new kind of stupid. I'm sure there will be a massive overreaction of regulatory stupid, causing more stupid, until eventually you won't be able to fly without being anaesthetised "for your safety". I despair sometimes.
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