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UA F/A caught using false ID for 23 years

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DXing 03 Jan 22, 22:41Post
I feel for my former workmates as I wouldn't be surprised if everyone is forced to prove they are who they say they are no matter how long they've worked for the airline. UA is a champ at the "jelly donut" punishment, that being punishing the entire workforce for a single, or few, idiots mistakes or scams.

A veteran flight attendant worked for United for 23 years using a false identity, federal court complaint says
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GQfluffy (Database Editor & Founding Member) 03 Jan 22, 23:43Post
UA seems to have really gone to manure...

Is this CO management or...just new management because everyone from CO and UA retired?
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JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 04 Jan 22, 21:28Post
There was a pilot at an airline that I shan't name who worked until retirement on false ID, that of a pilot who had retired to some remote island and had died there many years ago. It was unclear whether or not he was actually a qualified pilot, though the eventual revealing of his past suggests he probably was once qualified in some *cough* Greece *cough* country, but he did know what he was doing and even used to Captain new frames home for his employer.

He was only rumbled after his recent death when several former colleagues attended his funeral and learned of his double life. I don't think it's public knowledge yet and don't know if it ever will be but if the story does pop up I'll see if I can get a friend to share more of the story. By all accounts he was a remarkable chap.
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airtrainer 06 Jan 22, 08:25Post
This reminds me of the fake licenses at PIA {crazy}


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