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Learjet 35A Down In Neighbourhood Near KSEE

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JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 28 Dec 21, 22:03Post
Learjet 35A N880Z crashed in a residential area of San Diego on approach to KSEE, killing all onboard. It's very apparent from the audio that the pilot had become lost on approach and struck a power line before crashing:

Warning: Audio continues until impact and is pretty graphic: ... d-airport/
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paul mcallister 01 Jan 22, 11:41Post
That is tragic, and quite disturbing to hear the pilot in obvious distress.
DXing 02 Jan 22, 02:08Post
Low and slow in a lear is not a good place to be, especially in marginal weather. Would have been a much better decision once sight of the runway was lost to pack it in and head back to a more accessible airport.
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darrenvox 03 Jan 22, 20:49Post
Fumanchewd 06 Jan 22, 22:54Post
I was reading that he called the airport and went VFR before he likely had the airport in sight. I was listening to ATC at SDL once and heard a GIV call the airport and saw him pop out of the overcast clouds about 20 seconds later, no way they saw it. This was after 2 go arounds.

Its a dangerous game to avoid a diversion.
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