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A350-900:LH leaves PR Eco/Biz Seats installed

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fiatstilojtd 05 Oct 21, 18:30Post
As already mentioned in the Daily News LH is about to lease four A350-900, so far nothing special, but now it turns out they will not refurbish the cabin but leave the Philippine Airlines seats installed.

They even "admit" that this has advantages for Business class passengers.
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Yokes 05 Oct 21, 20:12Post
It could really be an advantage:

LH has in biz a 2-2-2 configuration, Philippine Airlines has 1-2-1, in eco LH has a pitch of 31 inch and a width of 17 inch. Philippine Airlines has a pitch of 33 inch and a width of 18 inch.
ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 05 Oct 21, 20:13Post
That could get embarrassing, once their regulars see what they've been missing!
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fiatstilojtd 06 Oct 21, 17:13Post
According to some German media reports LH is about to order, or has already ordered, a new Biz-class product from Recaro in 1-2-1 layout.

Maybe the PR A359 birds are a kind of a test-baloon.
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halls120 (Plank Owner) 10 Oct 21, 11:14Post
we flew the LH 359 last month FRA-SEA-FRA, and while the seats aren't as good as UA's Polaris, the food, drink and service put UA to shame. If/when they install 1-2-1 business seats, they will be my definite long haul carrier of choice.

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