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Hybrid rocket

Everything that is sub-orbital or beyond.

bearnard95 20 Apr 21, 10:58Post
Have you ever heard about hybrid rockets? Some space company manufactures and uses this kind of rockets in small launches like delivering microsatellites in the orbit.this type of rocket is uncrewed and guided and is used for test in under microgravity conditions.
JacobCooper 29 Apr 21, 15:59Post
Yes, I heard about such a rocket, manufactured by Skyrora. I remember it's called SkyHy; perhaps, it's not their only concept of the hybrid rocket. I found out about this company in one of the forums, and now I can't spend a day without visiting their website and checking updates on their blog I like their concept of a hybrid rocket because it uses eco-fuel that doesn't harm our environment, and it's amazing.

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