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USAF Bomber Flyover at Super Bowl LV

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Mark 08 Feb 21, 15:14Post
If you missed it, here it is. The highlight of the night. Major Patrick Burke flew the B-1B. Captain Sarah Kociuba flew the B-2. The B-52 was piloted by Captain Colter Huyler.

The three aircraft that did the flyover, a B-1B, B-2, and B-52, took off, respectively, from Dyess Air Force base in Texas, Whiteman in Missouri, and Minot in North Dakota at different times on Sunday. They joined together over the Gulf of Mexico for the big moment. Then, they flew right back to their home bases without ever touching the ground.

DXing 08 Feb 21, 16:38Post
Done for symbolism in that 52 + 2 + 1 = 55....Superbowl 55.

Was it 2 years ago they did something similar? A navy F18 and a marine F35? 35+18=53. I still think the modern and vintage mix were my favorites. They should pair up a P38 with an F35

If they got to work now, perhaps they could be ready by 2024 and have a B58 Hustler, by far the baddest looking bomber ever built IMO, do a fly over with burners the burners lit!!

A little off topic but they just don't do airshows like they used too....

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GQfluffy (Database Editor & Founding Member) 08 Feb 21, 16:49Post
Was going to say...are there even enough pieces parts of a B-58 spread out around the country to put together and get airworthy in time for 2024? {bugeye}
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DXing 08 Feb 21, 20:57Post
There are 8 surviving airframes on display around the country. The hardest part would be coming up with the 4 J79-GE-5A engines. I doubt there are any left anywhere and building them from scratch would be a real project.
What's the point of an open door policy if inside the open door sits a closed mind?

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