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French AF A340s sold

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airtrainer 08 Jan 21, 00:01Post
Last month we reported in the news section that the two French Air Force A340s F-RAJA and F-RAJB were put on auction by the French Government for a very low starting price of 80000€ each. The two appear to have been sold for 440000€ and 400000€, however I didn't find any info on the buyer(s)...

Link to the auction page (in french) here

JLAmber (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 08 Jan 21, 20:21Post
That's way over scrap value so they're either going to fly again or, more likely, become spares ships.

Given the issues with exporting new components to Iran and France's traditionally strong relationship with them, I wouldn't be surprised to see the airframes head to Persia.
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darrenvox 09 Jan 21, 00:22Post
good point!!
ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 09 Jan 21, 11:43Post
Keeping the Mahan birds going?
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fiatstilojtd 09 Jan 21, 12:40Post
These are ex OS Birds, therefore I at least guess that the maintenance was top notch from the very beginning.

I actually flew on F-RAJA, when it was still with OS, on one of their last commercial flights from VIE to IAD and back. It was christmas 2004.
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