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NAS Daily 20 NOV 20

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Fear, fakes and pledges as CRAIC CR929 inches forward
The development of Russian-Chinese CRAIC CR929 widebody airliner came unstuck once again, but anxiety remains, resulting in some awkward situations.
On November 16, 2020, an article headlined “MAI transfers composite wing engineering technology to COMAC” appeared in Russian media. According to the text, specialists from Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), together with their colleagues from Chinese COMAC, started cooperating on the methodology of modelling composite materials into aircraft structures.

The Rise And Fall Of The Airbus A380
The A380 has featured a lot in 2020, with much of this focussed on groundings and possible retirement. Indeed, the A380 has not worked out as well as hoped for many airlines, and the slowdown in 2020 has not helped that. But it remains a great aircraft and a great engineering achievement. And with 251 orders, the largest commercial aircraft ever offered has been far from a failure.

How Short Haul Aircraft Are Ferried Halfway Around The World
Delivery flights are usually a much-celebrated event for airlines, with planes occasionally flying from far-away factories to their new homes. While long and medium-haul aircraft can usually make this hop with a stop or two, how do short haul aircraft reach their destinations halfway around the world?


What airlines need to do before they can fly Boeing 737 MAX?
While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has formally un-grounded the Boeing 737 MAX, a lot has to be done before the jet takes to the skies commercially.
Following 20 months of grounding, the FAA cleared the 737 MAX to return to the skies on November 18, 2020. Aviation authorities across the globe temporarily suspended the aircraft’s type certificate after two fatal crashes in Indonesia and subsequently in Ethiopia. While the FAA was pretty much the last one to do so, it is the first to un-ground the aircraft as well.

Emirates expects to return to profitability in 2022
The Dubai-based Emirates airline could return to profitability in 2022, according to Tim Clark, the President of the airline. The head of the air carrier stated that only the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out could help the industry to recover from the stagnation caused by the pandemic-related air travel restrictions.

Airlines to let 737 MAX passengers change tickets for free
Some passengers are reluctant to fly the recently ungrounded Boeing 737 MAX. To reassure travelers, airlines intend to offer free ticket changes.
“If our pilots, along with the APA, FAA and our safety teams are confident the aircraft is safe, we are confident in its return to service,” David Seymour, chief operating officer of American Airlines (A1G) (AAL), wrote in a letter signed by five other top executives for the company. But he also added that “if a customer doesn't want to fly on the 737 Max, they won't have to.”

EVA Air introduces speed-dating flight to nowhere
Taiwanese carrier EVA Air introduces a new flight concept – speed-dating event in the skies.
Taiwanese airline EVA Air with travel experience company Mobius are launching speed dating events during three-hour flights to nowhere.

New budget carrier PLAY Airlines postpones launch again
PLAY Airlines, a new proposed Icelandic low-cost air carrier, rescheduled its launch date. Having announced its plans to take off to the skies for the first time in November 2020, the start-up airline changed its mind. Due to the COVID-19 air travel restrictions, PLAY rescheduled the launch of operations for Q2 2021.

International Flight Change Fees Scrapped By American Airlines
American Airlines is axing change fees for nearly all long-haul international flying when travel originates in North or South America. Only travelers on Basic Economy tickets will continue to pay change fees for long-haul international flights. It’s a noteworthy reversal for an airline that until recently was notorious for its high change fees.

South African Airways Sells Everything From Chopsticks To Luggage
COVID-19 has caused 2020 to become an immensely difficult year for airlines worldwide in financial terms. However, some carriers are facing economic struggles that date back to before the ongoing coronavirus pandemic struck. One such airline is South African Airways. After multiple government bailouts, South Africa’s flag carrier has now turned to the auction market to raise some much-needed funds.


Hungarian Air Force orders two Embraer KC-390 transport planes
The Hungarian Ministry of Defense announced the signing of a contract for the delivery of two KC-390 Millenium transport aircraft produced by the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. The two airlifters should be delivered by 2023.

Belgian Air Force sells whole Embraer fleet to French airline
The Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces sold its Embraer fleet of four Embraer ERJ135 and ERJ145 jets. The move was taken following the Belgian Ministry of Defense's decision to jump from operating its own governmental aircraft to leased jets.

French Navy to receive new eyes in the sky from Dassault
The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has ordered from Dassault Aviation seven maritime surveillance and intervention planes for the French Navy, with an option for five others to be confirmed in 2025. The order, valued at €1.3 billion, will be a breath of fresh air for the French manufacturer in a time of crisis for the aviation industry.

Switzerland receives offer to buy Eurofighter jets
The European plane manufacturer Airbus and Germany seek to sell Eurofighter aircraft to Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Office of Armaments received an official offer prepared by other Eurofighter nations and industrial partners which should modernize Switzerland’s current fleet and replace the older F-5 and F/A-18 fighter jets.

'Merkel Force Two' - 2nd German VIP A350 Completes First Flight
The German government is mid-way through taking delivery of its fleet of Airbus A350-900 aircraft, with the first having been delivered earlier this year. Now the second aircraft being built for the country’s Air Force has taken its first flight.

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