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Nasty Argument Between Cessna Pilot and Vegas

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aviatellc 27 Jun 20, 07:15Post
Also context for non aviation friends, class bravo airspace referenced here is some of the most tightly controlled civilian air spaces. They tend to encircle very high traffic regions like Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, DC, etc... All airplanes entering are required to get clearance before doing so from a controller so that ATC can keep all traffic safe from each other and avoid any collisions. This guy in the video just waddled in without clearance and when told to leave, refused which is a SUPER RULE BREAK and will leave him with some very not fun time-out time with the FAA.
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DXing 01 Jul 20, 17:02Post
Don't quite understand why she didn't give him a clearance. He said he was going to Henderson and she acknowledged that, how did she think he was going to get from his present position to Henderson? That being said, she never did explicitly clear him so he was wrong to continue forward. My guess is if this ends up as an action against the pilot, it will be for failing to exit the class B airspace when told to do so. To the controller, a warning to use better verbiage, either issue a clearance or make sure the PIC confirms they do not have clearance to transition the B class airspace.
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