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NAS Daily 03 JUN 20

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First US-Made Airbus A220 Completes Maiden Flight
The first US-made Airbus A220 has completed its maiden flight. Early in the morning in Alabama on June 2nd, the A220-300 lifted off from Mobile, where Airbus has a production facility. After about three hours in the air, the aircraft returned to the ground.

The Airbus A220 Could Be A Private Jet With This New Concept
The praises of the Airbus A220 are often sung here at Simple Flying. The versatility, high fuel efficiency and passenger comfort afforded by this regional jet has made it a firm favorite with frequent fliers and cost-conscious airlines alike. So when we heard about a corporate jet concept based on the A220, we had to take a closer look. Here’s what we found.

Embraer Is Looking At Developing A Brand New Turboprop
In a June 1st earnings call, the CEO of Embraer confirmed that the aircraft manufacturer was looking at developing a brand new turboprop. The turboprop would be one project on which there could be plenty of room for a partnership with an outside entity.


Emirates Is Flying Each Airbus A380 Once A Month – Here’s Why
Emirates’ President, Tim Clark, today confirmed that each of the airline’s Airbus A380 aircraft is being flown once a month. The comment comes as Clark last month confirmed that Emirates is planning to keep almost every Airbus A380.

Emirates Would Like To Partner With A US Big 3 Airline
Emirates President Sir Tim Clark has spoken at length today about the future of his airline. Within the discussions, he settled on a proposition that could change the face of airline travel for good. Emirates is keen to work up a partnership with one of the US Big Three, with Clark believing it’s time to see all the historical bad blood as “water under the bridge.”

Qatar Airways Warns Airbus And Boeing Against Resisting Deferrals
Qatar Airways has today warned Boeing and Airbus not to resist its requests to put off aircraft deliveries. The struggle is over whether the airline or manufacturer should bear the brunt of the COVID-19 crisis. Qatar has threatened not to do business with the companies again.

Alitalia Recommences Flights To New York
An Alitalia flight took off today from its base in Rome heading to New York. This is the first long-haul flight operated by the Italian airline since early May. The struggling carrier suspended all long-haul flights as international travel restrictions prevented airlines from operating. Alitalia is hoping to relaunch a further 30 routes later this month, despite being bankrupt for several years.

Qatar Airways Is Now The World’s Largest Carrier
Qatar Airways has declared that it is now the world’s largest carrier. The airline stated that its continued operations through the current crisis has meant that it has now secured the top spot.

Lufthansa To Begin Ferrying Retired Boeing 747s For Disassembly
Lufthansa is to begin ferrying Boeing 747s to a scrapyard in The Netherlands. The aircraft are being retired ahead of schedule as a direct result of the current downturn in the aviation industry.

Turkish Airlines In Talks To Delay Airbus A350 Deliveries
While the carrier will take delivery of its first A350-900, Turkish Airlines is reportedly still in talks with Airbus about deferral of the rest of the order. The manufacturer has yet to begin construction of the remaining 24 aircraft.

IndiGo Will Be An All-Airbus A320neo Airline Within 2 Years
At today’s earnings call, IndiGo’s CEO Ronojoy Dutta was clear on the long term goals for the airline. Despite losses of more than $100m in the quarter, Dutta is focused on a move to a younger, more efficient fleet, with plans to phase out 120 A320ceo aircraft within two years.

easyJet Plans To Serve Three Quarters Of Its Network By August
Following flight resumptions later this month, easyJet announced today that is looking to fly 50% of its 1,022 routes in July and 75% in August. These services will include trips across Europe and North Africa.

Today Is The Final Farewell For Delta’s MD-88 and MD-90 Aircraft
Today marks the end of an era for Delta Air Lines as it becomes the latest airline to retire its fleet of MD-88 and MD-90 aircraft. Once a significant part of the airline, today, Delta will operate final flights for both aircraft types.

Etihad Launches New Wellness Program To Focus On Passenger Health
A new program is in store for passengers flying with Etihad, as the airline introduces a health and hygiene initiative aptly named “Etihad Wellness.” In a press release issued yesterday, Etihad’s program presents the industry’s first-ever Wellness Ambassadors, reassuring travelers of the airline’s health and safety measures.

Korean Air Will Now Alert You If Your Baggage Made The Flight
Korean Air is launching a new service that will notify passengers when their checked baggage has been safely loaded onto their flights. Officially in place as of yesterday, the service is available for the airline’s international flights departing Seoul Incheon International Airport.

Delta Still Trying To Avoid Furloughs Despite Pilot Surplus
Delta Air Lines and its pilots’ union are still trying to avoid furloughing over 2,300 pilots. This comes after the results of a Sunday bid saw the airline with a surplus of pilots even after shifting around 7,000 of them across bases and aircraft types. Now, the airline is trying to minimize furloughs.

United Airlines Eyes Big Boost To International Schedule
United Airlines is significantly stepping up its international flying. While services remain a shadow of what they were, United notes today that there are glimmers of hope. In addition to increasing transatlantic services, United Airlines is re-opening schedules to destinations across the Caribbean and Latin America. Services to Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Singapore are also resuming.


Coronavirus: all Belgian airports still blacklisted by EU agency
All airports in Belgium remain flagged as high-risk areas for Covid-19 infection by an EU aviation agency.
In a list published by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Belgium remains the only EU member state to have all airports on its territory blacklisted.

New Mexico Airport To Build New Genav Terminal
Belen Regional Airport (BRG) in New Mexico is proceeding with its long-planned new general aviation terminal. Before the current downturn in aviation business due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Albuquerque-area gateway had been seeing an increase in transient business aviation traffic since 2015, when its crosswind runway opened.

Oslo Airport searching for suppliers to develop more efficient baggage handling solutions
Oslo Airport (OSL) – operated by Avinor – has announced that it is looking for suppliers that can help to develop innovative solutions for more efficient baggage handling between the baggage hall and the aircraft at the airport.

Construction contract for Jorge Chavez Airport control tower awarded
As part of the ongoing development of the Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) expansion project, Lima Airport Partners (LAP) has awarded the construction works contract for the airport’s new control tower and airside support buildings to the Wayra Consortium – consisting of Ferrovial, Acciona and JJC.

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