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BA's Return to Supersonic TATL Flight

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Zak (netAirspace FAA) 09 Feb 20, 21:51Post
Nope, they didn't dust off the old Concorde. They used a 744.

The crew of G-CIVP made the best of storm "Ciara" that is rocking Central Europe as we speak, and set a new post-Concorde track record for the route JFK-LHR: 4 hours 56 minutes, 17 minutes faster than the previous record held by a Norwegian 789. They landed in LHR 2 hours ahead of schedule.

Top speed was clocked at 1328 km/h. Technically, that is supersonic, however due to the strong tail wind, they still didn't break the sound barrier. ... ed-record/

Concorde usually took 90 minutes less for the same route.

A Virgin A35K (G-VPOP) that operated the same route simultaneously needed 1 minute longer.

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