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NZ Erebus Crash - 40 Years Ago Today

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ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 28 Nov 19, 10:57Post
I always thought it was a DC-10, not an Erebus {duck}

It remains New Zealand's worst peacetime disaster. On 28 November 1979, a sightseeing aircraft carrying 257 people crashed head-on into the side of a volcano in Antarctica.

The tragedy of flight TE901 was a shock for New Zealand, affecting almost everyone in the country in some way, and led to years of investigations and a bitter blame game.

And the legacy of the Mt Erebus disaster is still felt 40 years on.
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IFEMaster (Project Dark Overlord & Founding Member) 03 Dec 19, 17:20Post
The famous picture of hydro fluid splashing against a window developed from a film found at the crash site generally accepted to be taken at the moment of impact is pretty harrowing.
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