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LAD revenge on Astros for cheating begins

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DXing 29 Jul 20, 13:56Post
The Dodgers got their first shot at revenge against the Astro's for cheating and made the most of it. As the commentators made clear, the Astros had better be ready to duck a lot of inside pitches over the course of this shortened season.

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halls120 (Plank Owner) 31 Jul 20, 12:32Post
I’m hearing that Joe Kelly is very popular around MLB at the moment. :))
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Fumanchewd 05 Aug 20, 04:27Post
I'm sorry, LA plays like that against every team. IMO they are the biggest jerks in any sport. I am a hybrid Cubs/Diamondbacks fan and can remember all of the moments of douchebaggery from this team, including peeing in the Diamondbacks pool.

Then there are the fans... real class acts who have killed a few people for merely wearing the opposing team's uniform.

Even as a Cubs fan, I hate the LAD more than the Cardinals.
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GQfluffy (Database Editor & Founding Member) 05 Aug 20, 18:23Post
Giants fan checking in now... :))
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