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Zak (netAirspace FAA) 06 May 09, 14:23Post
Dear Members of,

Thank you choosing to participate in our website. Our mission is to provide an enjoyable place for both aviation professionals and enthusiasts alike - think of this site as an airport bar, just online, which unfortunately means we cannot serve you drinks so you will have to bring your own. Sorry!

Like every bar, we need to have a few rules to make sure no one gets hurt, or has to call the cops. These rules are not set up to restrict your freedom, but they are supposed to ensure that everyone can enjoy this place.

We don't mind if you show up drunk at midnight – there’s every possibility that the barkeepers are not exactly sober themselves. What we will not accept is anybody breaking the furniture or picking fights with other guests.

If you decide that you cannot, or will not follow the rules, we may have to ask you to leave for a short while. During this time, your status will be set to 'grounded', which means that you will not be able to make any more posts until you are permitted to do so by a member of the crew, or the agreed duration of your grounding has passed.

If you feel that you were unfairly grounded, please let us know about it. But please do not compose your message to us in anger, and keep your feedback polite. The person who receives your message is more likely to help you if they receive a friendly explanation of what happened, instead of a wild rant. If your grounding notice is subsequently revoked it means that the incident is forgotten, at least by the crew, and we would ask that you handle it in the same way, if only to prevent any ill-feelings.

We would like to make it absolutely clear that repeated or extreme violations of our rules will result in a permanent ban. Banning users from our site is something we would like to avoid, but it can and will happen if the crew feel it is necessary.

A site ban is easily avoidable by following some simple rules. We are open to discussion of these rules at any time other than when you just have violated one or more of them.

These rules apply to forum postings, photo comments, signature lines and user profiles. The rules are as follows:

    • Please be respectful towards other community members. This includes photographers, moderators and crew members.
    • Do not use foul language, and keep your posts in English. Especially in the aviation, photo and site-related forums. Promotion of hatred/discrimination and/or encouraging others to perform illegal acts is not allowed in any part of the site.
    • Please feel free to debate the topic, but do not attack the poster, or ridicule the poster's beliefs.
    • When commenting on a photograph, be respectful of the photgrapher and limit your comments to constructive verbiage. Disrepectful comments will be deleted.
    • Please avoid derogatory use of terms that will likely provoke a response from other members. (Flamebait)
    • NSFW material is not allowed. NSFW = not suitable for work, by standards of an average professional workplace. This includes any form of graphic images or text, as well as links to graphic content.
    • Spamming, flooding, advertising or posting private contact information is not allowed.
    • Please keep your posts on topic and relevant. This also applies to user profile information.
    • When quoting external sources that are protected by copyright, please make sure to respect the principle of Fair Use, i.e. only a short excerpt of the relevant article should be quoted. Please highlight the quoted text, e.g. by putting it between "quote" BB tags, and provide a link to the source.
    • When quoting or linking external sources, own contribution is mandatory. "What do you think?", "Yet another example for..."-, and "OMG"-postings are not sufficient. Your own contribution should contain at least some reasoning. The only exception is if your post serves informational or educational purposes in our Air & Space section.
    • Signatures. Please limit signatures to 2 lines of plain text, with no smilies or other images. If you wish to use a signature line in foreign language, make sure that at least one of the moderators can read and understand it.

    • Posts that violate above rules will be deleted.
    • If a post of yours is deleted for being off-topic, and you feel your post has some merit, you can start another thread; you may be on to something.
    If a post of yours is deleted because it referenced another deleted post, feel free to re-post if it is pertinent to the topic after editing out the reference to the deleted post or similar.
    • Otherwise, please do not repost any deleted content.
    • When a post of yours is deleted, you will receive a PM by the moderator who deleted it. Feel free to raise any questions or concerns you have about the deletion with them, but please keep it friendly. Post deletions are never personally motivated, and we would expect any correspondence regarding deletions to be similarly objective.
    • Please do not discuss post deletions, bans or other moderating measures in the forums.

    • Finally, the most important rule: Enjoy your stay!

These rules are basic, common sense stuff. We could have made them even more simply by introducing a general "don't be a dick" rule, but this would inevitably have resulted in requests for clarification of the rules.

It would be impossible for us to draw up a set of rules to cover every possible eventuality, so there will be occasions when situations are dealt with by the moderators on a common sense basis. These decisions will still be binding, in the same manner as the rules above are.

As mentioned before, whenever you feel things are not working as they should, please let the crew know about it. We won't reject any reasonable or constructive input.

This place is, after all, for us all to enjoy.

All the best
the Crew

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