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ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 02 Feb 23, 01:06Post
We have seen some instances of cryptocurrency spam in the forums recently. Rather than the usual method of signing up for a new account and using it to spam, it appears that these spammers are gaining access to legitimate netAirspace accounts.

At the moment, we have no reason to believe that our own database has been compromised. It seems likely that these accounts have weak passwords that have been brute-forced, and/or the same login and password were used on other sites that have been compromised.

Please take a moment to review the security of your own account. Ensure that you are using a strong password, and that you aren't using that password anywhere else. (If netAirspace gets hacked in future, do you really want them getting your Google or Facebook account as well?)

Note that you are responsible for all content posted using your account, whether you did it or not. In order to protect the site, we will lock any account used to spam the forums until we can prove that you are still in control of your email/socials and arrange with you to reset your password.
My friend and I applied for airline jobs in Australia, but they didn't Qantas.
Lucas (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 03 Feb 23, 01:11Post
Changed my password just to be sure. :)
Allstarflyer (Database Editor & Founding Member) 04 Feb 23, 00:28Post
Not a crypto fan, haven't been and I pretty much agree with Charley Munger.

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