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Pair Planes problem ?

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paul mcallister 22 Apr 22, 15:49Post
Hi Folks, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this question, but here goes anyway.

Has there been any reported issues of late regarding the Pair Planes feature in the site?
I realise this is not critical, but I enjoy playing, everyday if I can.

I have noticed that over the past few months I am having to click on a picture up to 5 times to get it to register, which obviously costs time, and a quick time is the basis of the game.

I have updated my mouse driver`s and no difference, I then used a different USB port for the mouse, again no difference.
So I then purchased a new mouse last week, a Steel Series Rival 3 gaming Mouse which is meant to be one of the best pointers for sensible money.

installed it, drivers etc, and still the issue persists, delays on clicking, sometimes 3-5 clicks before it works.

Any helpful and non-sarcastic advice would be most welcome. I am using an HP Elite I7 Desktop. I am no boffin by any means, but I wondered if it was just me and my setup, or is it an issue with the site itself.

Please be nice, and not too techy. thanks in advance.
ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 22 Apr 22, 18:18Post
Hi Paul, I'm the code monkey here but I'll do my best to be user-friendly :)

First up, do you get better results if you consistently click the logo on the cards, or instead on the top or bottom well away from the logo? I seem to remember an issue with that a while back. Play a couple of rounds both ways, see if it makes a difference.

If where you click doesn't affect the result:

Nothing has changed on the site recently, and definitely not in the code for Pairplanes. While the game is in progress, there is no network traffic back and forth for your ISP or our hoster to mess with. That pretty much leaves some change or other on your side.

What web browser are you using, and what version?

Have you updated it lately - or has it updated itself automatically?

All the code runs in your browser, so this would be the first place I'd look. After that, it's likely to get a whole lot more esoteric.
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mhodgson (ATC & Photo Quality Screener & Founding Member) 22 Apr 22, 18:48Post
For what its worth I've just tried a game - every first reveal required a click first with the follow up working first time. However a force refresh seemed to clear it and subsequent games play normally.
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paul mcallister 22 Apr 22, 22:56Post
Thanks for the replies,

I am using Edge and it updates automatically usually, but I always check what it`s doing before I download the updates, normally I just download the critical updates as I don`t have a load of stuff on the PC.

I will try what you suggest and report how I get on
paul mcallister 22 Apr 22, 23:06Post
I found that clicks that are not quite centred seem to be the ones that are not being picked up, I have played a few times to check, but I will do a few more tomorrow to see how things go.

Thanks in advance
paul mcallister 25 Apr 22, 17:50Post
It seems if I try to click on anything other than central in the boxes, that`s when the click is not being picked up.
Up to 4 clicks are required sometimes, so something would seem to be wrong.

Any tips on what to try, other than the big hammer approach LOL
HT-ETNW 29 Apr 22, 09:18Post
No problems here under Windows 10 using Edge, Firefox or Opera. Every click anywhere on the images works.
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paul mcallister 29 Apr 22, 16:17Post
I am still finding a few problems using Edge, I have not tried Chrome or Firefox.
Clicks even slightly off centre sometimes don`t work, and need 3 or more, but I will get over it, it`s not a major hassle. :)
paul mcallister 06 May 22, 01:55Post
The Issue seems to be near the NETAIRSPACE logo, especially below and to the right, and directly centrally above the logo.

I hope this may help.
Thanks in advance

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