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A v B: Not enough options.

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Queso (netAirspace ATC Tower Chief & Founding Member) 29 Apr 21, 18:55Post
This afternoon I was doing the A v B thing when I ran across this...

AvB.JPG (55.21 KiB) Viewed 102 times

I have an exact 50/50% ambivalence toward these two pictures, I was completely unable to choose one or the other, and therefore I was not able to continue my A v B session.

We either need a "tiebreaker" pic as a "C" option, or maybe something like a "Neither", "Both", "Opt-Out", etc. option available. It's simply not fair to the "loser" of such a situation, sometimes there are no bad choices, and conversely, sometimes there are no "good" choices. :)

What can we do to make this situation better?
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Queso (netAirspace ATC Tower Chief & Founding Member) 29 Apr 21, 19:02Post
Here's another example. This time it was only the 3rd pair in the session! I had to refresh the homepage to continue.

AvB2.JPG (74.18 KiB) Viewed 100 times
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Lucas (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 02 May 21, 12:27Post
The first time ever that Ryanair has been seen as equal to another airline!

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