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Best video cameras for flight diaries?

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symphonicpoet 06 Nov 19, 06:59Post
Just thought I might ask other folks here what video cameras they might recommend for flight diaries. I'm finding the rolling shutter "jello" effect I get with my cell phone a bit unnerving, but I'm not sure what small form-factor cameras would have a global shutter. I figure you need something small to shoot out the window of an airliner, and I don't really want to invest in a serious pro video camera anyway. Tempted to upgrade my DSLR to a model that also does video, but . . . those generally use rolling shutter as well, correct? (I'm a Sony alpha guy, for what it's worth, with a fair bit invested in A mount lenses.)
Zak (netAirspace FAA) 10 Nov 19, 14:57Post
I have no experience with videography whatsoever, but - have you considered a GoPro? I don't own one, but from all I read, they seem to be made for that purpose, and they at least claim to have fixed the rolling shutter / jello issues with the latest model.
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ShyFlyer (Founding Member) 10 Nov 19, 15:15Post
The aviation YouTubers I follow seem to equip mostly with GoPro models. Some use both GoPro and Garmin Virb models.
symphonicpoet 12 Nov 19, 05:50Post
^I have looked at GoPro. I've not been able to figure out if that's what anyone was using or if it had a global or rolling shutter, so it makes me a lot more comfortable knowing it's a popular model for the purpose. I'll give it another look. The price is right too. Wasn't aware Garmin made cameras. I'll have to give that a look as well. Thank you both!
airtrainer 15 Nov 19, 22:17Post
Can't speak about aviation videography as I never use it for that, but I have a GoPro (an old version) and I am really amazed by the quality of that tiny toy for videos (not too much for stills). If I'm not mistaken it's possible to add suction caps to attach it on a window (better ask for permission first). The only downside is the low battery life, but I think you won't be disappointed.
ShyFlyer (Founding Member) 16 Nov 19, 12:58Post
There are filters available to minimize the effects of rolling shutter. ... ler-filter

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