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Reno Air Races ending in 2023

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ShyFlyer (Founding Member) 10 Mar 23, 18:15Post
A letter sent to supporters and fans said the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority made the decision to sunset the event citing the region's significant growth. The airport authority said there's concerns surrounding economic conditions, rapid area development, public safety and the impact on the Reno-Stead Airport and its surrounding areas. ... y-60-years

Organizers of the Air Races are reportedly looking for another location but no potential sites have been named yet.
Let's go Brandon
DXing 11 Mar 23, 15:02Post
I had wondered how much longer they could continue at that location. The area has "grown up" over the years as one might expect. I lost a coworker and a dispatcher that I really looked up to in the 2011 crash. He was in the reserved seating area where the impact took place. He was valuable source of knowledge and there were many times after his death that I missed his insights into a particular dispatching problem.
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