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Pan Am Board Game (& your faves)

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Lucas (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 23 Apr 21, 19:22Post
I was going to put this in finer things, but I'll start off with Pan Am and then open it up to other discussion!

Tabletop gaming, from D&D on graph paper to Terraforming Mars, all the way to easy, fun card games like Smash Up, is one of my favorite hobbies. I recently got the game "Pan Am" and I liked it quite a bit. The mechanics are fairly simple, and after about 15 minutes, my crew basically had a decent grasp on it.

In Pan Am, you build small airline routes and hope that Pan Am buys out each route; you then can use the money to invest in more routes/airports/flight rights/airplanes, or you can buy stock in Pan Am. The goal is to earn the most stock.

Throughout the game, Pan Am will have a propensity to push into the Pacific rather than South America, Europe, etc., so it helps to fight for those routes. The game occurs over 7 turns, with each turn introducing some slight, historical flavor.

It sometimes is a little Eurogamey, but you can fix that by choosing to be competitive, which I appreciate. The biggest downside is that the airliners tend to have silly names (Cruiser, Clipper, etc.) instead of, say, DC3, B707, etc. Non av-geeks won't care, though.

Anyone else played it? I give it


Also, my favorite game is Terraforming Mars, which, being a air & space site, is one I'll talk about later. That game is a blast and gives you so many ways to deliciously screw people over!

Pictured: Pan Am at my place.

PA110 (Founding Member) 25 Apr 21, 02:54Post
I've played it a number of times. The very first time, the game followed pretty closely to the actual history of Pan Am. The next couple of times, it took some interesting turns by making unusual bets on routes. I've enjoyed playing.
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