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2020 Model Aircraft Acquisitions and Builds

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CALTECH 05 Oct 20, 14:56Post
Been like a Maytag repairman, though the last few weeks things have picked up a lot.

Still building models. Love that 900 airplane model collection.

miamiair (netAirspace FAA) 05 Oct 20, 21:30Post
Looks like a Viper had sex with a Phantom.
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CALTECH 06 Oct 20, 05:30Post
Yup, have gotten on a upturned wing kick.....

GQfluffy (Database Editor & Founding Member) 06 Oct 20, 19:52Post
miamiair wrote:Looks like a Viper had sex with a Phantom Clean Air Converter.


I do not have any new aircraft models to report of but I finally found the following 3 ocean liners I had been looking for well over a decade.

1:600 Airfix SS France


1:600 Airfix SS Canberra


1:493 Revell SS Oriana


Since being waylaid at home with Covid...I actually dug a model out the other day and started working on it (1:144 Minicraft Pan American 707-320). I'm rusty as hell RE: painting...
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CALTECH 07 Oct 20, 02:15Post
"Too much time on my hands...."

CALTECH 07 Oct 20, 02:16Post
Definitely obsessed with Phantom Wings......

CALTECH 07 Oct 20, 02:30Post
But I do get some other Heavy Metal in sometimes.....

CALTECH 07 Oct 20, 02:48Post

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