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Mark 25 Sep 20, 14:39Post
Flew out of MSP to AUS on Sept 18th on a DL A319. Believe it or not, it was my first Airbus trip since 1988 when I flew an A310 DTW-LHR. The interior was brand new and I wasn't expecting to find an entertainment system in the seat back. I was in 29A, which was actually four rows from the rear. I got to hear the Airbus "dog bark" for the first time.

On Sept 23rd, I flew AUS-ATL on a DL A321. It had the same interior features as the A319. Once again, I was four rows ahead of the rear in 35A. I had a tight connection time in ATL and, with the delayed exiting from the aircraft in the age of COVID, I was worried that I'd miss my connection to MSP. Last time I'd checked, I was to arrive a gate A2 in ATL and my connection flight was at B27. I got off the aircraft in ATL at gate A20 and looked at the departure monitor. Turned out, my connecting flight to MSP was at A22. Well, hell... that was convenient.

The ATL-MSP flight was on a 25 year old B757 and I couldn't get a seat assignment until I was at the gate. I got seat 38C. It, too, had seat back entertainment, but like the older aircraft, the AC system sucked. Got into MSP at gate F13... way the hell at the far end of the concourse.

Finally got home at 0025 on Sept 24th and crashed in my own bed until 10 AM the next day.
Lucas (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 25 Sep 20, 15:30Post
What was it like exiting the aircraft, speed-wise? Do people still stand up all at once?

And what is this barking dog!?
PA110 (Founding Member) 25 Sep 20, 17:02Post
Lucas wrote:And what is this barking dog!? ... us-noises/
Look, it's been swell, but the swelling's gone down.
Mark 25 Sep 20, 19:48Post
Lucas wrote:What was it like exiting the aircraft, speed-wise? Do people still stand up all at once?

The FA's announced that everyone should stay in their seats until the next-forward row is vacated and people exited at least six feet apart. People did that on all three of my flights. Exiting the aircraft wasn't much slower than usual. In fact, I think it was better that everyone didn't all stand up at once.
Mark 25 Sep 20, 20:13Post
One more thing.... The pilot bounced on the mains a couple of times while touching down at ATL. I thought it was cool. Apparently, many of the other passengers thought they were going to die.
DXing 26 Sep 20, 16:02Post
PA110 wrote:
Lucas wrote:And what is this barking dog!? ... us-noises/

The article does a good job of explaining the source of the barking dog, but fails to note, if you hear it in flight, you've got real problems! The noise is associated most often with the opening and closing of the cargo bin doors. Since the Airbus sits so high off the ground and the doors open out and up, it would be physically impossible for a human to operate them by hand like a B737 or MD80's are. Thankfully I was off the ramp when CO merged with UA and never had to deal with the hand crank when the motor for a bin door was on MEL.
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Lucas (netAirspace ATC & Founding Member) 26 Sep 20, 17:24Post
Talk about things that I didn't know on all of this! Thank you all. RE the noise I'd heard it but never thought much of it.

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