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Virgin Orbit Achieves... Orbit

Everything that is sub-orbital or beyond.

ShanwickOceanic (netAirspace FAA) 18 Jan 21, 16:07Post
Sir Richard Branson's rocket company Virgin Orbit has succeeded in putting its first satellites in space.

Ten payloads in total were lofted on the same rocket, which was launched from under the wing of one of the entrepreneur's old 747 jumbos.
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DXing 23 Jan 21, 13:40Post
Anyone else notice the flapjack fairing missing on the left inboard side in the last picture in the article? I assume that was to make room for the rockets fins. I know there is an MEL fuel burn penalty associated with that. Wouldn't make a difference on such a short flight but I wonder if Virgin got engineering specs from Boeing and then an FAA sign off to give them relief from the MEL? Or do they just apply the burn penalty to every flight?
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