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Norway returns NH90 helicopters..wants refund

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DXing 10 Jun 22, 18:58Post
Betcha they fly real well in reverse!! ;) {duck}

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — NATO-member Norway terminated its two-decade-old contract with a France-based manufacturer for 14 maritime helicopters, citing delays, errors and time-consuming maintenance, the defense minister said Friday, calling the move “a serious decision.”

The Norwegian government will return the NH90 helicopters it has received so far and expects a full refund of the nearly 5 billion kroner ($525 million) it paid, according to Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram.

Gotta wonder how well that "full" refund will work out. If they used them for any amount of time you would think the manufacturer would want it pro rated to time used.
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Fumanchewd 18 Jun 22, 08:10Post
Its quite obvious to me that EADS broke the contract in terms of their delays and misstated operational costs. I'm no lawyer, but I would assume that they wouldn't get a full refund but some type of prorated deal.

Its a shame, but the cost issues tends to be a trend with most new aviation projects. The A400M is ridiculous. The F35 costs are questionable, but it will be a successful program. I actually read the the US's new bomber is under budget right now... but it hasn't been produced yet, so just wait for the big stick up the butt to come.... {laugh} {laugh}
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