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The ACE One Combat Drone

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bearnard95 24 Jun 21, 13:22Post
The new project has been introduced by Ukraine — the ACE One combat drone. Former president of Antonov subsidiary Alexander Los became chief designer and head of the board of directors of the developer Air Combat Evolution. ACE One is an autonomous combat drone with stealth technologies controlled by artificial intelligence. ... e-one/amp/
miamiair (netAirspace FAA) 24 Jun 21, 15:23Post
What's next? SkyNet?
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GQfluffy (Database Editor & Founding Member) 24 Jun 21, 16:13Post
It sort of does resemble EDI from Stealth...
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bearnard95 25 Jun 21, 08:53Post
Yeah, the shape of that drone looks like Stealth. I liked the way how Ukraine started to take part in aerospace campeign. You have probably already heard about private space company Skyrora which is parially Ukrainian and partially Sccotish with the chief from Ukraine Volodymyr Levykin
This space company makes great technology like Skyhy hybrid rocket, ecosene fuel ( rocket fuel remade from plastic ) and so on...
Mark 25 Jun 21, 12:30Post
Man... They sure used the Armor All on those tires.

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DXing 25 Jun 21, 14:44Post
I was thinking the same thing Mark. Also, maybe it's because of the lens they were using for the photograph, but does anyone else think the nose gear strut looks pretty massive for such a small aircraft? What sort of weapons do they plan on outfitting this thing with? {laugh} {laugh}
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